Serpentine Gallery – Proposal

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Serpentine Gallery – Proposal


The place that we live in, the world we inhabit is the same for all of us, this world full of asymmetries, inequalities, differences, is a world where we do not look at ourselves, where the look towards others is increasingly distant, distant and lacks understanding. How much time do we spend seeing others, seeing ourselves, recognizing daily feelings and sensations?

Why not see each other, look at what happens to us as societies, as cultures, as individuals, understanding those differences, those difficulties we have in understanding each other, not being able to see what happens to each other.

The Project proposes to return to those needs, proposing within A Perceptual Ring the idea of looking out and being able to see ourselves, in a space where those crossed, different, different looks can appear, those feelings and experiencies, dissimilars that produce the game of gazes, our own, others, crossed, where “Mirrors” placed randomly, invite us to look at ourselves, to reflect and go through this experience.

What thoughts will appear and emerge in front of these mirrors that confront us, that demand our attention and focus? What things do we see in our daily refelctions that we choose to ignore? What message will we find if we immerse ourselves in the experience of looking at ourselves in another way?

An outer skin, the container, the frame, of a “Perceptual Ring”, marks the physical limit, with the visual expericence of the interior, that of the gazes, the perimeter of an opaque material (brick) contrast and lets see the reflection from the interior, the one of “The Mirrors”.

The exposed Architecture is the structure that contains those different, dissimilar and fun experiences, let’s enjoy this wonderful recreation for our senses.

We went through the work recovering the sight of children, the sight we were training so as not to be surprised at anything.

Let’s put life on hiatus for a while and reconnect with those we don’t know, inside and out.