Bau Arquitectos

Bau Architects is a group of professionals who carry out responsible and intensive teamwork, striving to obtain the best results. We believe our responsibility is not only towards our clients but also towards the engineers and builders we work with.


The results of this teamwork are never predetermined. Instead, they are specifically created according to the concept and functions that arise from the needs of each project.


A building is not a one man enterprise: it is the result of a complex process which includes many different contributions. Creativity is what informs this way of working.


Bau Architects emphasizes the need for an architecture full of substance, simple, rational and economical.

Gustavo Rangoni
Gabriela Batlle
Bernardita Crespo
Paula Melito
Santiago Mesa Sanchez
Eugenia Blanco

They worked with us:

José Pasquare
Federico Pascuas
Miguel Minond
Agustina Graiver
Candelaria Gonzalez
Carola Kelly
Cristian Marin
Leonardo Elizalde
Marcos Centurion
Eliana Kleniki
Nicolas Balboa
Pablo Betti
Mercedes Zanella
Cecilia Katz
Silvina Stoessel


When facing a new project, we strive to understand our clients’ point of view, in order to make their interests and priorities our own. We consider a project successful when our clients confirm that we have perfectly interpreted their needs.


Our clients value this and that is why they come back to us. They know we attend not only to the formal aspect of a building but also to high quality and construction costs. We can deal with projects of large scope with confidence, because we have gained the necessary experience for this.


That experience has taught us that we must put the same effort and dedication into all of our projects, regardless of their size and complexity. Our work speaks for us.

The line, whether thick or thin, rounded or straight, will always lead us to the possibility of discovering that which we do not know. Carlos Gorriarena – 1925 / 2007