Cuál Es?

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About This Project

Cual Es?

Radio Studio / 2007

Elaborate acoustic design, state of the art technology, broadcast studios, 1 studio for live music, 3 control rooms, server rooms, production rooms, 55,000 digitalized records, sound engineers, radio technicians, operators, scriptwriters, and radio show hosts: Cuál Es?… brings the future to the radio.

Cúal es?…sometimes white…sometimes black, gave us a premise: through design, we had to create an image which the radio staff could relate to, a new concept with which they could identify and which they could make their own. The challenge was to give the show, which has a lot of personality, an image, which it did not yet have.

The project is highly functional: its simple geometry makes it sober, modern, and somewhat timeless.

It reproduces the spirit of…another Rock & Roll band, Cuál Es?…