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Multimedia Building – Colegiales / 2012



Our client came to us with “the idea”, different, unique and innovative, on which our project is based.

The concept of the new building evolves from “the idea”. An old theatre built in 1938 becomes a multimedia building with a radio station, a recording studio, a TV studio, a discotheque, and a concert hall where 1600 people can watch a live show.

Our work, from the point of view of architecture, was just one more piece that fit into the complex machinery necessary to carry this task out, to design this building in an unequivocally modern fashion. It involved a lot of effort: the building had to be reconditioned and its physiognomy recovered before we could work on the client’s specific requirements.

The priority for each of the working areas was independent and autonomous functionality, in which technology allows for interaction but does not imply interference. Every area has its own function, with its logic, forms, and technical and acoustic refurbishments, making a radical statement on function and form.

Vorterix is much more than a concert hall, a radio, a place where you can listen to and watch live music online in HD, a recording studio, or a TV studio.

Vorterix is an enterprise, a multimedia platform in constant evolution. Our project aimed at creating the practical and functional setting which would meet all the client’s needs and give the building its new character.