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Primer premio concurso / 2007

“Can a stranger design part of your life?” For us, design is a way of thinking. Our project was focused on the transition between dwelling and office. This relationship necessarily implies understanding that the answer is implicit in the concepts communicated by the people who work for the company, such as flexibility, light, modernness, technology, functionality, simplicity, and dynamism. How can we represent these concepts through architecture? The building is just a part of the job: the part that can be perceived.

Simplifying space is a way of expressing the will for renewal and to raise the building’s inhabitants’ quality of life. The project has two themes: an Art Deco building on the outside, with a markedly modern enlargement; and a young company on the inside. The building gives the company an institutional character and creates a new typology, in which the company modifies its use and adapts it to its needs.

The change is expressed in the new building by placing the different companies on different stories and reinventing the ground floor as a part of life and social needs. Each company will have its own identity, not only through its own image, but also through lighting, color, and furniture. This efficient dialogue between the building and its inhabitants is what will endure. We must seize space, use it, and find what our real needs are. We must realize what is essential to be able to modify it and adapt it when necessary. A powerful, integrative image, essential planning, and a meticulous use of light, color, and high technology will give this new building its defining character.